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Who's Shoes? Jess Buxton @jess_buxton_

The lovely Jess Buxton of the instagram account @jess_buxton_ was the winner of a recent @beetle.eventing competition. The prize was one of our Cheltenham Horseshoe Serving Trays.

Jess sent us some horseshoes from her horse Sunni which we used to make a unique tray for her. It’s always a privilege to create something special when we are sent shoes.

We love Jess's insta account and were keen to know more about the lady behind the account it. 

Tell us about you 

I’m 24 years old, Trainee Draughtsman- Degree apprentice studying BEng- Civil Engineering (Working towards being a structural engineer). But in my spare time love riding and spending time with my horses. I Live in a quiet rural village on the outskirts of Derbyshire.


Tell us about Sunni

Sunni is a 17hh Skewbald Dutch-warmblood cross Thoroughbred Gelding. He is a big softie, and loves going out to competitions

How did Sunni come into your life?

 Sunni came to us when he was 6 years old, I used to ride him for my auntie (who bred him) but he was a bit big for my younger cousin and I’m quite lanky so we suited each other well! We also bred horses and had a piebald sports horse who was a super boy but was a bit on the small side for me, so it made sense to swap!

How long have you owned Sunni?

 So, he’s been with us for 7 years now (he’s 13 already!), but I’ve known him for years before.

When and where do you ride?

I ride a lot at home in the school, and in the fields round the farm if the sheep aren’t in them (he’s terrified of small animals like sheep and Shetlands!)

What do you and Sunni do together?


 We mainly showjump. Sunni is very careful and eats up related distances! We have been to a few hunter trials and one day events, but he is a bit of a handful round a cross-country course and really have to cling onto him if he has to do any ditches (he likes to give them a lot of room!)

We used to do a lot of British Showjumping, before the full time job and extra study! Our favourite place to date that we’ve competed is Hickstead, where we qualified to go in the main arena (massive highlight!) – The shoes that are on the Cheltenham Horseshoe Serving Tray are those he wore when jumping at Hickstead.

 What do you love about riding?

I love riding, as it allows me to fully switch off from everyday worries. Often my days at work are quite stressful and busy with many deadlines and work for civil engineering projects, so this is my escape. I also love how you can progress a horse’s education (we have a few horses which we’ve all bred, so have been through the backing and breaking, tears and triumph which is incredibly rewarding. My horses have got me through some difficult periods of my life and have really been there for me.

If you had to sum up Sunni in one word what would it be?

I know this isn’t one word but one-in-a-million!

Tell us some of Sunni’s traits or party tricks

cheeky horse

Sunni is quite hard to fence in being a showjumper! But we have also seen him dig soil away and crawl under fences (when he has rugs on as the electric fence doesn’t get him!) So now his field is double fenced with plenty of strips of electric tape!

Does Sunni have any dislikes?

Sunni is quite spooky! So, anything that shouldn’t be there is terrifying! But his major embarrassing dislike which has caused many giggles at shows from spectators and other competitors is Shetlands. He turns into a 17hh lump of jelly, and his heart races, we have no clue why he’s so scared but it’s a fear he hasn’t got over yet!

Does Sunni have a particular horse friend?

Yes, Sunni’s best friend and competition buddy is lola, his half-sister (brother from another mother). Lola is also a 13yr old Dutch-warmblood cross Thoroughbred. She is one of our own homebred horses, (both my mum and her sister took a mare to the same Stallion, Westhills Jasper B).