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Who's Shoes? Rebecca and Suzi

We recently had the pleasure of making a Cheltenham Horseshoe Tray for Rebecca and she sent her own horseshoes for us to use.

Horse working in outline

 Who does the horseshoes belong to?

The horseshoes belong to Suzi


How did Suzi come into your life?

My friend Sarah owns the horse and asked me to help out hacking Suzi each week.

Out Hacking


How long have you been riding Suzi?

Since the Summer 2018


When and where do you ride?

I am a night shift worker so I ride in the daytime in the Poynton area / the Middlewood Way


What do you love about riding?

That you can forget your worries and stresses, and the connection between you and your horse

Dressage Test


If you had to sum up Suzi in one word what would it be?



Tell us some of Suzi’s traits or party tricks

When she gets excited she loves to squeal and ‘bunny hop’.


Does Suzi have any dislikes?

She’s a bit scared of donkeys and Shetland ponies!


Does Suzi have a particular horse friend?

She has several!  Grace, Marco, Murphy “Smurf”