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Meet Tilly aka @houligans_legacy Winner of the Mulberry Tree at Home and Horseshoe Hearts Chest

Tilly aka @houligans_legacy who was the winner of our joint competition combining Mulberry Tree at Home with Horseshoe Hearts.  The prize was a very special handmade chest that featured a horseshoe heart. 

horseshoe heart wooden storage chest


Tilly is 23 years old and works for an accountancy firm to help fund her passion for horses.  In Tilly’s own words “ I would describe myself as an amateur eventer”.  Tilly has two horses, a grey Irish Sports horse called Terry and a Chestnut Welsh Mountain Pony called Romeo who is mainly ridden by her Mum.

We caught up with Tilly to find out more about her love of riding and her two special horses.


What do you love about riding?


I love the fact that when I am riding I can escape from my normal everyday life. I find I use my riding as a form of escapism now. I enjoy the challenge and the fact that no two rides are the same. I like working alongside my horses and watching them as they grow and improve week in week out.

I also enjoy the challenge of riding, setting the goals and doing everything I can to achieve these. Riding has opened the doors to so many opportunities and new friends I certainly wouldn’t be without.


If you had to sum up each of your horses in one word what would it be?

For Terry, It would have to be ‘sassy’ he is so full of attitude and knows what he wants. While saying that though he loves to please and has just the best attitude to work even if it does come with a tail-flick or two when he is finding it a little difficult. It was his positive, willing attitude to work that drew me to Terry when I went to try him out.

Terry Grey Event Horse

To describe Romeo in one word I would use the word ‘adaptive’. He has a special skill of being able to adjust to the rider he has on his back. He is super sweet and sensible with my mum who is quite nervous whereas he proper steps up his game if a more confident rider gets on him. We brought him for this reason I truly do believe he is worth this weight in gold. 


Tell us about the traits or party tricks of your horses 

Terry has the most grumpy resting face, he will stand there in his stable and pull faces right up until you give him attention then he is very happy. I’m not quite sure who told him that looking grumpy was the way to get attention but now we know it is very sweet and intriguing.

Romeo is such a nibbler he has to have everything in his mouth if he can get it in there. It is very funny even if he does catch you by surprise! He never wants to hurt only ever trying to help or see if it is edible. My favourite picture of him is when he decided to help with the poo picking. Very sweet bless him.


Do you horses have any dislikes?

For an eventer, Terry is very funny out hacking when we walk past logs! He hates them. We have to do our best side-stepping and moonwalk away from everyone we see. However, if I told him to jump it his ears would be pricked and away we would go!


Romeo is a big foody and will not tolerate anyone or anything to get near his haynet or feed bowl. He learnt this from our old Thoroughbred and now it is just him. Once fed you just leave him to it until he is sure it’s all gone and you aren’t going to steal it from him.



Do your horses have any particular friends beside each other?

When we moved yard at the back end of last year we requested that the boys were kept in different herds as they had grown a little too fond of each other which was starting to become a little testing. They are now both happily in their new herds; Terry in a herd of 6/7 horses and Romeo is in a group of 3. They both love their new friends but are still happy when they get to say hello to one another.


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