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What To Consider When Styling Your Home Interior

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What does your home say about you? Read more for help on styling your home.

When deciding how to style your home, always remember to put your stamp on it and showcase your personality.  Each room should be full of items that you love, either things that you have bought because you fell in love with them, or pieces that are heirlooms or full of treasured memories.

A home should be first and foremost full of love, do not follow trends if you aren't a fan of those trends, make your own home speak volumes about you.

There are lots of considerations to be made when decorating and accessorising your home, the colour pallette, wallpaper, paint colours, furniture and accessories.

Where to start?

You may have firm ideas of how you want your home to look, or you may have no idea at all and don't know where to start

There are so many resources available, and inspiration can be found in many places.  There are so many ideas on the internet, and sites such as Pinterest. You could read magazines, other people's houses, you may even find the perfect paint colour in your local coffee shop whilst sipping your latte.  Creating a moodboard that collates all the ideas that you have will help you pull it all together. There are many free moodboard website on the internet. We use the free version of Canva.


Accessories are a great way to style your home and are a perfect way to reflect your personality and interests.  

Buy accessories that you absolutely love, and not necessarily what is currently trendy. Be careful with trends that aren't really you as you may find yourself living in a house that doesn't feel like home.

There are so many options when it comes to accessories, you may prefer more modern pieces, or someone who collects antiques and second hand items or a mixture of the two.  Choose something that reflects your passion. Buy what you love and it will always look right in your home. People who are good at this make their homes become talking points for friends and visitors.

Build a collection of staple pieces, and once you have these you can move them from room to room if you want a change.  You could also buy things for the seasons and change your room at those times of the year. Plants and flowers always look stunning and are very useful for this purpose

Texture and Materials 

To create depth and contrast in your home, mix textures and materials in your home. Use materials such as wood, brick, tile, stone, metal and a mixture of fabrics.  Your sofa could be a different fabric to your curtains and then add a throw. Wool, tweed or tartan can look stunning.  Another way to add texture is to decorate with wallpaper, as it comes in so many different finishes.


Decide how much colour you want to add into your home, and where you want to add it.  Be mindful of the shades you use, and how much colour you incorporate into your home. You can keep the walls fairly neutral and add pops of colour with accessories or you may prefer to use colour on your wall.  Colours can say so much about you.

Be bold

Pops of colour and print against a neutral wall or floor or a simple backdrop can look fabulous.  You could add a vibrant painting to a plain wall or a patterned showstopper rug to a wooden floor, or bright cushions to a plain sofa.


Show the things that you love and let your home reflect your personality. This maybe horse paintings if you are an equestrian, or a family heirloom, or a collection of pottery because you love the vibrant colours,

Styling your home may evolve over time.  You may want particular pieces for your home that you can't find immediately, or you might just buy whatever you like when you see it which could take a long time.  Always remember to buy and fill your home with pieces that you love and reflect you.  It is also important to have some pieces that bring back memories, such as a vase that you bought on holiday or a trinket that you bought at a little antique store on a family day out.  Most importantly enjoy the process and make your home speak volumes about you.



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