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Wallpaper Ideas for your Living Room

deer wallpaper

Wallpaper is a versatile way of changing the look of a room.  It is available in a whole variety of patterns, colours and textures. Choose either big and bold or soft and subtle.  There are different ways of using wallpaper, and we have put together a few ideas.

Cover all the Walls

living room wallpaper inspiration and ideas

The classic way to use wallpaper is to cover all the walls. While the look might not be as popular as it was a few decades ago, it can still work depending on the room and the paper.   A bold, graphic paper can look fabulous covering all the walls, whilst a simple pattern or texture can create subtle interest.  Consider the style of room that you have, and the look you are trying to create.

Cover half the wall 

Tartan wallpaper and wood panelled living room idea

Covering either the top or bottom half of a wall with wallpaper is a great way to get the look without overwhelming the room.  You can separate the papered and non-papered halves with a dado rail.  The other half of the wall can be covered with wood panelling, or plastered.   It is a very traditional style and can work well in any home, and particularly older properties.

Another way of papering half the wall is to use one style of wallpaper on the top half of a wall and the bottom half with another, with a dado rail to separate.  This is can be a difficult look to pull off however it can work really well.  For a bold look consider contrasting patterns such as stripes, or chevron and damask in strong colours. For a more subtle look for tone-on-tone patterns and keep a simple and similar theme.  Since this is a very strong look be careful about what other colours and patterns you put in the room. You want all the patterns to compliment each other.

Create a Feature Wall
feature wall wallpaper idea

A wallpapered feature wall is a great way to either create or enhance an already existing focal point. It draws the eye in and creates a really striking feature. With the wallpaper you can go bold or you can go subtle, although it is important not to compete with any other focal point in the room, and you should only have one focal point.  Therefore use the wallpaper on the wall behind the TV or fireplace, or another spot the eye is naturally drawn to.

 Decoupage the Furniture

decoupage vintage chest of drawers

If you want to upcycle an old piece of furniture you can simply applying some wallpaper to it. This works particularly well on pieces that have clean lines, such as chests of drawers or console tables. You don't have to use patterned paper a textured wallpaper can work really well.

Decorate the Inside of a Bookcase

wallpaper bookcase upcycle inspiration

An open bookcase is a great place to add interest with wallpaper. Instead of leaving the backs of the open shelves bare, cover them with a pretty pattern that compliments the room.   So that you don't have to add the wallpaper to the bookcase directly,  cut out thin pieces of wood that fit the area and add the wallpaper to them and then slot them into the bookcase.  That way you can change easily change the look in the future, or restore you bookcase back to its original look.



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