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Unusual Pieces of Furniture

Spider Lounge Chair

spider chair

This spider lounge chair was created by Benjamin Rollins Caldwell, and is made from Stainless steel, recycled zippers, silk ties, and foam.  Caldwell creates furniture from both traditional and unconventional material. From wood, metal, glass, plastic, and stone, to playing cards, defunct pianos, reclaimed computer parts, books, bottle caps, and children’s toys, he creates series of unique handcrafted pieces, never making exact duplicates.

Caldwell sources materials from thrift and antique stores, junk yards, and abandoned warehouse where he spends countless hours letting his imagination run wild until an idea is generated. An entire collection can be created when he is inspired by an object that he finds.

The Fletcher Capstan Table

capstan table

David Fletcher has been designing and manufacturing furniture for over thirty years. He started life in the antique business, dealing in English and continental furniture of the 17th and 18th centuries.

The table gives the user an ability to expand and contract as and when needed.  It is a round table that is capable of expanding to up to double its size, without taking up unnecessary space. It has been built on a system that contains expandable leaves within, which gives you the chance to make the most out of the available space  .Fletcher has been working on his Capstan Table project since 1997 and has improved the design. 

The original idea for a table of this type was formed in the nineteenth century by a man named Robert Jupe, who patented his design in 1835. Jupe’s table was initially round, and had an ingenious geometry and a similarly ingenious method of making it expand radially, changing from a small size to a table of larger diameter. However, these tables could not store their own expansion leaves, were not truly round in every stage, plus they were slow and laborious to operate.

 East Meet West


This carpet sofa was designed by Tonio de Roover.  The East Meets West is a sofa that uses a Persian carpet, laid over a partially-hidden bench, to create a “flying carpet” effect.  The frame is made out of birch plywood and galvanized steel, with velcro used to bind the rug to the unit.

Chair inside a Chair


Chair inside a chair by Flavio Scalzo is a very comfortable and versatile sitting. When closed, it reduces storage space when opened it becomes a comfortable sitting and useful side table when open, it aims to be totally independent from other elements.

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