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Unusual items made from wood

Amazing Items Made From Wood

Wood is remarkable.  It is incredibly strong and also flexible. It can be extremely dense and hard, or incredibly soft and light like balsa wood, so insubstantial it’s used to make simple toy aeroplanes that actually fly, powered by nothing more sophisticated than a rubber band.

Wood can be carved into intricate and delicate patterns. It can be steamed, pressed and bent into unlikely shapes for unexpected uses.

Wood is used for a whole host of things, some ordinary and some not so ordinary.  Here are a few of the more unusual items that have been made from wood.

Wooden Vespa

Wooden Scooter

Carlos Alberto, a Portuguese craftsman, made a fully working wooden Vespa by hand. The vespa took ten months to make and was carved out of ten different types of wood, including rosewood and ebony wood and has an original 1957 Vespa engine.  It is capable of speeds of up to 46 mph and weighs nearly 107kg, which is 20 more than the original 1950's model. 

Wooden Wall-E

Wall-E Disney Pixar

This was commissioned by Disney as a gift for Pixar/Disney chief creative officer John Lasseter and is a limited edition of one. It was created in the UK by Hertfordshire based sculptors and CNC/rapid-prototyping masters Morpheus.

Wooden Car

Wooden Car

Ukrainian Vasily Lazarenko designed the car in wood. Underneath the wood the car is a 1981 Opel, and the design on top is split into two, one half has a roof and the other half a cabriolet.

In order to afford the car and spend time making the car Vasily quit his job and sold two other cars.  The project took 1 and 1/2 years, and the creator refuses to to admit what it cost to build.
1.3 million dollar surfboard
Surfboard Wooden
Though hard to believe, this masterpiece has been created by the famous surfboard designer, Roy Stuart. ‘The Rampant’ as this wooden surfboard is named is carved from the rare wood of tree Paulownia, found in Asia.  The surfboard weighs 31 pounds.  It has a 23 carat gold lion motif on the board.  It has a concave shape for better balance and the tunnel fin is designed from kahikatea wood for rapid acceleration.
Carved Wooden Ferrari Boat
Wooden Ferrari
The Ferrari was created in 2001 by Italian artist Livio De Marchi, an old-world master known for his incredible wood carvings. The boat was created to sail the canals during the annual Carnival of Venice festival. It took de Marchi five months to carve all 2,000 pounds of the Ferrari F50. 


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