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Things to do on Boxing Day


Boxing day can sometimes be a day to finally breathe, you’ve lost count of how many presents you’ve wrapped and unwrapped, how many roast potatoes you’ve cooked and eaten, not to mention turkey, pigs in blankets, you get the picture.

There are many ways to spend boxing day, and for some it can be an alternative to Christmas Day if you have to spread yourself between families, or a day for the good old buffet.

However it can also be a day to get out, have some fresh air and partake in an activity, and can be something on your doorstep or a little further afield. 

Here are some ideas on how to spend your day, although make sure you wrap up warm.

A day at the races


Many courses have a meet on Boxing Day and a day at the races can provide a fun way to spend time with the family.  Watching the horses in the parade ring, picking your favourite, then off to watch the actual race, plenty of fresh air and walking.

Some of the courses open for racing on Boxing Day are, Market Rasen, Wolverhampton, Fontwell Park, Huntington, Kempton Park, Wincanton, Sedgefield and Wetherby.

Attend the local hunt meet


It’s the perfect day to head out and support your local hunt, either riding or on foot.  Of course the tradition of fox hunting has been replaced with drag hunting, however it is still a wonderful way to spend boxing day.  Whether you are a rider or spectator everyone gathers for the excitement at the start. 

For details of a hunt near you can visit the Countryside Alliance website.

A Long walk

This is a lovely way to burn off all the Christmas excess, and at the same time get that much needed fresh air.  If you had Christmas Dinner at home you may not have been out of the house, so it’s a great way to blow away the cobwebs. 

Once you are back home, stoke up the fire and settle in for an evening of leftovers and family board games.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

clay pigeon shooting

There are many places open on Boxing Day for Clay Pigeon Shooting.  This can be your local shooting ground, or an organised Boxing Day shoot at a hotel or estate.  Some hotels and estates host clay pigeon shooting followed by lunch.

Pub lunch

Christmas Day requires a lot of work and preparation not to mention all those dishes, so let someone else do the cooking and head to a pub for lunch.  Rather than getting in the car go on foot instead and after all the walking you will have certainly earned that meal and will probably enjoy it even more.




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