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Reasons why Dogs make great pets

Poppy & Mabel Pet Dogs Playing

We have two dogs that are part of our family, Poppy our Jack Russell and Mabel our working cocker spaniel.  They both have different personalities, however bring equal amounts of love and joy.  Each day we have first hand knowledge of all the wonderful things that dogs bring into our lives, and if you need convincing, here are some of those reasons.

Dogs encourage us to exercise

Dog Walks

Dogs encourage their owners to exercise, most pet owners will be out each day taking their dog for a walk, rain or shine.  So it particularly means that we will get fresh air and exercise on days where we may feel tempted to say indoors.  Studies have shown that on average, dog owners walk 79% further than non-dog owners. Exercise has many add on benefits for physical and mental health.   

Dogs make us happy


Research has shown that dog owners, have greater self-esteem, tend to be less lonely and are less fearful.   Dogs provide us with company and affection and are perfect for families and company for those living alone.

 They love us back

Dog Love

Dogs love us back and scientists in California found that domesticated animals release the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin in intimate situations, just like humans.  Oxytocin is the hormone that make us feel connected and form close bonds in relationships. This was detected when pets interacted with their owners.

Dogs are very entertaining

Dogs provide us with entertainment, and each dog will have its own quirks, and do things that just make us smile.  Mabel always looks for a stick whenever we are out walking, and it doesn’t matter how big or small it is, she will bring it to you will glee.  Poppy on the other hand will make you smile when she comes into the kitchen after she has heard a rustle of paper and thinks there is food, and you think to yourself she doesn’t miss anything.

Dogs give the best welcome home

We are always greeted by Poppy and Mabel when we come home, whether we have been out of the house for two hours or two minutes, they are always excited to see us.  It is wonderful to be met at the door by two animals who make you feel as though they have missed you very much, and it is always a nice welcome home.

 They’re great protectors

Poppy always barks whenever the postman or anyone comes near the house and gives the impression a much bigger dog is behind the door.   She is a brilliant guard dog, and will always make it known to anyone who comes near that there is a dog inside.

Dogs are great company


Dogs are companionable and affectionate, anyone who doesn’t like living by themselves or feels lonely, will always have a friend and company if they have a dog. They’re such personalities and are a real presence in a home that may have felt empty before. 

Dogs make us social

Dogs are also a great way to meet people, any dog owner knows that it’s the easiest conversation starter.  When you are out walking your dogs, you will be greeted by fellow dogs walkers and often a conversation will be started.   

Dogs read your emotion

If you have a dog, you may have felt that they can tell when you’re upset. They change, if they’re always over- excited and needy, they usually become notably calmer. It was recently affirmed that dogs process emotional sounds in the same way as humans. So the brain of a dog reacts in the same way as the human brain when they hear distress, like crying. So they can be very comforting in a crisis.

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