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10 Reasons to Invest in Solid Wood Furniture for your Home

Wooden Dinner Table Candlelit

When buying furniture it is often tempting to buy cheaper pieces such as wood veneer, laminate, plastic, and not solid wood furniture, as solid wood is usually a pricier option.

Solid wood pieces are usually more time consuming to make. Crafting them is more labour intensive and the raw materials cost more.  Although there is a higher upfront cost, buying solid wood furniture pays off in plenty of ways, and there are many benefits.

It is very durable 

One of the greatest benefits of solid wood furniture is that with proper care, it can survive for generations. 

It's a good investment

The larger initial investment saves you money in the long run as quality solid wood furniture endures for so long. Less durable furniture needs to be replaced far often.  As solid wood pieces of furniture last a lifetime, they can be considered a one-time purchase.

Stylish Armchair

It has character

The natural variations in the grain of solid wood means each piece is unique.  This gives it more character than other types of furniture that are churned out looking identical. The solid wood’s natural look and crafting, plus the way it ages, all contribute to its personality and the way it enhances a room.

Nature brought into your home

Natural wood is uplifting because it is associated with the great outdoors.

It can transform your rooms

Solid wood furniture’s character and natural look have a special way of adding warmth, elegance, and style to your home. 

Stylish Romantic Dinner Table

Sold wood furniture can be transformed too

Sanding, staining, and refinishing can provide opportunities to change the look of your solid wood furniture at some point down the line. You can adapt these pieces to new looks when you decide to change rather than replace them unnecessarily, and they can be upcycled.  New drawer handles on an old chest, can give it a completely different look.

Wooden Candle Holder on Wooden Chest Coffee Table 

It is very versatile

Wood furniture will blend in with any type of room decor, regardless of whether it is vintage, modern, minimalist, industrial, rustic, coastal, traditional, or a mixture of styles.

Environmentally friendly

Unlike many of the synthetic materials used to make a lot of the furniture, solid wood is biodegradable, and solid wood furniture is built from a sustainable material. 

Easy to clean and maintain

Solid wood furniture is easy to look after and maintain.  For tips on how to look after and maintain your furniture, check our our blog, How to look after your wood furniture. Hints and tips.

Make an impression

 Solid wood furniture makes a statement as it conveys high quality.  It has an abundance of charm, character, and says that you’re invested in your home and want to make it distinct, and tell your story.

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