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Our Day at Equiboodle and Friends

Mulberry Tree at Home Stand at Equiboodle

On a rainy Friday 22nd November 2019 Kevin and I set off early to make the trip to Equiboodle in Cirencester for a unique shopping event.

The Equiboodle and Friends shopping event had been arranged by Vik Bodey, the owner of the store and Rhea Freeman PR.  The friends part came in the form of ourselves and other businesses in Rhea Freemans Small and Supercharged Mastermind Group who were pleased to be invited to set up pop up stands in the Equiboodle store itself.

 Emma Warren from Hi Ho Silver 

Hi Ho Silver Trade Stand at Equiboodle

Hi Ho are based in Somerset and this year are celebrating their 25th Anniversary.  Emma has bought along many of their beautiful pieces of jewellery, including their iconic cherry roller bangle which is exclusive to them and can be customised, and is on my very own wish list.  (Santa if you are reading this, it’s the one with two rose gold beads and the crystal cz).  The Hi Ho range has been designed to be beautiful yet practical, and in their own words “it’ll take you from going out to mucking out”.,

Amanda from 3 Donkeys

3 Donkeys Stand at Equiboodle

3 Donkeys was started by Amanda in 2017 from spending her time in coveralls that were all made with men in mind, and so set about designing one that was in her words “totally practical, adaptable, versatile, looked good and kept me clean too”, so the 3 Donkeys 2-into-1 coverall came to be.  So as well as the stylish coveralls, Amanda has now added sweatshirts, t-shirts and headbands to the range, and well... she really does have you covered.

Emma from Hooves and Love

Emma is perfectly honest, she loves shopping. Hooves and Love was born from her wanting to find unique and lovely gifts for her family and friends.  So what does the lady who loves shopping, horses and beautiful gifts do? Well she turns them into a business.  Emma has curated a range of products, for you and your horse and creates the most beautiful gift boxes.  Emma does all the hard work when it comes to gift giving, so you don’t have to.  

Annie and Fin from Salthouse England

Salthouse Trade Stand at Equiboodle

Salthouse England was formed in 2019 by husband and wife team, Annie and Fin who like to travel and enjoy life. 

They brought with them their first product launch which is the beautiful Serafina clutch bag which is available in 6 tempting colours from classic neutrals to that pop of colour.  All of their bags can be personalised with embossed gold lettering which is complimentary.

Zoe from Honest Riders

Honest Riders Trade Stand at Equiboodle

Zoe displayed her range of slogan sweatshirts that all have an equestrian theme, from ‘Centre Line’ to ‘Heels Down’ ( I love this and have one myself).  They are not only gorgeous, but ideal for any equestrian, and moreover, charitable donations are made from the sale.  Like ourselves, sustainability is important to Zoe and she always has this in mind when creating her products or sending them out to customers.  Honest Riders have products for both rider and horse.

Kathryn from Team Equestrian

Kathryn bought along her range of Tee Shirts and Sweatshirts all with fun slogans for country and equestrian lovers and are all very relatable.  Kathryn has spent considerable time coming up with such a wide and lovely range of clothing.

Team Equestrian also personalise clothing and can embroider with your own wording and design.

 Now that we have the friends covered, let us turn our attention to Equiboodle, which has everything for the equestrian, from tack to riding clothes.  The shop itself is beautiful and Vik Bodey the lovely owner has carefully curated everything for horse and rider and believe me you want to buy everything.

You would think that with so much amazing shopping under one roof that would be the best part, however for us that was probably secondary to all the conversation, coffee and cake that took place all day.  

This was the first time that we had taken Mulberry Tree at Home on the road, and we honestly had the best day.  It was wonderful chatting to customers and to hear them say such wonderful things about our pieces, it really did make our heart sing, and whilst we didn’t do a happy dance at the time of a sale, I can promise you it happened.


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