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My Visit to The Latest Hi Ho & Co Event ( Be ALL You Can Be ) at Forde Abbey

Be All You Can Be.

be all you can be

It's often not easy stepping out of our comfort zone, however to grow either in business or personally it is essential.  So on Sunday 3rd November I set off to Somerset for the Hi Ho and Co event and the pre-event dinner.

Having set off from home later than planned,  there was just time for a quick turnaround when I got to the hotel.  Then it was off to the dinner at the charming Cotley Inn and walked into the restaurant very nervously.  I needn’t have worried though as I was joined by some lovely people that I hadn’t met before but were very friendly.

I found myself sitting opposite the Queen Bee herself, the lovely Emma Warren and next to Andrew Ransford also from Hi Ho Silver.  Later in the evening Emma traded places with Becky Wren.

The evening whizzed past, and after hardly any sleep, not sure if it was excitement or nerves that kept me awake, I was off to the main Hi Ho event itself, Be All You Can Be.

Including this one there have been three Hi Ho events so far although this was only my second as an attendee, however I was still full of nerves. 

Forde Abbey

The day was hosted at the stunning Forde Abbey and Gardens which we were to learn later was were Hi Ho Silver started. As I pulled up to the entrance I noticed there were horses in the field, so stopped the car for a quick photo, then it was down the magnificent tree lined drive to park the car.

First item of the day was coffee on arrival and then straight to my seat for a morning of talks from the Hi Ho planners, Emma Warren, Rhea Freeman PR, Melanie Clarihew from Mackenzie and George, Sophie Callahan, Rachel Bragg and Ruth Chappell.  They all imparted their expert knowledge, from social media tips to photography.

We were then split into groups, half went for a tour and my half had a chance to wander the grounds and take photos inside and outside the Abbey, although I must admit I was too busy admiring the venue and not nearly busy enough taking photographs.

Inside Forde Abbey

I then met up with some of the lovely ladies from the previous evening and we headed off to lunch, and was thrilled that pudding was of the sticky toffee variety, and although I had eaten it at the restaurant the night before, I was more than happy to repeat the process all over again.

After lunch we all gathered once again for more talks and a very inspirational story from George Bannister of Black Oak Ltd. who spoke about his chequered past and how a book entitled "The Elephant and The Twig", had changed his life and with a new positive outlook, how he was able to turn his life around.  One particular thing he shared with us, is how to reframe “I’m not confident”, instead saying “I used to be not confident”, and applying “I used not to be” to other situations.

During the afternoon session there was a break for coffee and cake. One thing  you learn whenever attending a Hi Ho and Co event, is that there will always be cake.  I haven’t had this confirmed but I have a sneaky suspicion that it is first on the agenda for any Hi Ho event.

All too soon the day came to a close and everyone left exchanging comments on how wonderful the day had been, and that they were already looking forward to the next one.  The poor Hi Ho team hadn’t even left the building before we were all asking about the next one.

On the way out we were all handed the famous Hi Ho and Co goody bag, and we are so lucky to receive such lovely gifts from the following amazing brands.

The Hi Ho and Co Goody Bag

Hi Ho and Co Event Goodie Bag

Hi Ho Silver – Be All You Can Be Silver Pendant

Joules - Beautiful navy star scarf

Mackenzie and George – Leather Bookmark embellished with a gun cartridge

Fairfax and Favor - Keyring

Fleetwood Fox - Coasters

Albion Saddles – Leather Soap

Copas – Coronation Sauce

Dressage Anywhere – Rosette

Rhea Freeman PR – Quote Card

Equiboodle – Discount Voucher

Sunshine Bindary – Notebook

Sophie Callahan – Social Media Planner for December

Rachel Bragg – Wildflower Seeds

Blackdown Shepherd Huts – Wooden Pen

The bag itself was the Hi Ho Silver 25th Anniversary Jute Bag

I can't wait for the next event and am still admiring all of the lovely items from the goody bag.






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