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My VIP Day with Tara Punter PR

A while ago I was the lucky winner of a VIP day with Tara Punter PR, although at the time I didn’t realise just how lucky.

I had been following Tara for a while on social media and also the lovely Catherine from Touch of Tweed was working with Tara on her 16 week coaching course, so she came highly recommended and I was excited about the opportunity to be working with her.

Crabwall Manor Hotel Chester

The meeting date agreed was October 9th, so that morning I set off armed with my notepad to Crabwall Manor which is a lovely 4 star hotel just outside Chester, to meet Tara.

After our introductions, the first order of the day was coffee, and whilst sipping latte, we delved straight into mindset and positivity, which is something that Tara is passionate about and shares on her social media.  Now for anyone who follows me on Instagram @the_mulberry_tree_lifestyle, you will be aware that it is something that I too have been working on and learning more about, particularly in relation to my riding confidence.

Morning Routine Journal Tara Punter PR

Tara’s positivity really shone through as she introduced me to her morning routine and gave me one of her morning routine journals to fill in each day.  It focuses on gratitude, meditation and journaling and is brilliant. If you aren’t one of her clients, they are available to buy.

I could have talked all day about mindset and positivity, however Tara had so much planned to help push our business forward that we had to move onto the next item.

Tara had looked at our business prior to the meeting and had designed a schedule of what she wanted to discuss and how the day would look.

So the rest of the day, was spent thinking about how to create a vision board, planning social media, PR, local press, setting goals and making a weekly plan to keep me on task.  The last item is something I had not been successful with, as I always seem to procrastinate and try to do to many tasks at once or spend too much time deciding which one to do first, that I don’t start at all.

In between that there was of course lunch, and a chance to chat about horses, which is of course one of my favourite topics, and for anyone that follows Tara you will have seen the gorgeous Ollie, and no meeting would be complete without mention of her cute little dog Kiwi.

All too soon the end of the day arrived and I left armed with a schedule for my week, targets that had been set for me to work towards in the next few months, my notebook full of notes, and the eagerness to get started and bags of positivity.

Tara also left me feeling very supported and even reassured me that if I had any problems, or if there was anything I had forgotten to ask, (there’s always something we forget, isn’t there?) she would be only to glad to help.

Whilst I won this VIP day with Tara, I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs help moving their business forward.  Even if you don’t have a small business, you may be a blogger or want to work on your mindset or planning, Tara can help.

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