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Living With Lockdown During the Covid 19 Pandemic

Let’s be honest, lockdown is tough.  We are all coping in our various ways, and to reference a quote that I came across “we are not all in the same boat. ‘We are all in the same storm”. 

We are all affected in different ways. Some have children that need to be home schooled, there are employees working from home, employees that are home with no work to do and then of course there are those who are going to work each day from NHS staff to couriers.  There are those that will struggle financially and others who won’t notice any difference and may even be able to save. Worst of all, people are losing loved ones and our thoughts are with them at this time.

Lockdown is different for us all, and whilst we are all in this together, we should be mindful that our situations may be different, and our problems may also differ. It is important to be sympathetic and kind to each other.

We all face struggles during this time, and it takes some adjustment. Many people have found they have more free time than before or maybe just free time that must be spent in a different way.

There are so many fulfilling things that can be done during lockdown and perhaps there is now time for something that you have always wanted to do but never quite found the time. Reading, be it, a new novel or something educational. Learning a new language, or new skill such as knitting, sewing, or playing a musical instrument can bring its own rewards.

I thought I would share a little on how we are managing lockdown. For the most part life is much the same which might seem strange and we are finding that are normal day to day activities are helping us through. 

girl out walking dogs

We are so grateful to have Poppy, our Jack Russell Terrier, and Mabel our Working Cocker Spaniel to take for walks every day. Whilst we have always loved taking the dogs for a walk, being on lockdown and being allowed outside each day for this activity makes me appreciate this part of our life just that little bit more.

beautiful girl with bay horse

Then there is Riley my beautiful Welsh Section C pony who still has to be looked after each day, and there is no escaping mucking out although I actually don’t mind it and I feel very lucky to have him to care for. 

One thing that we have been blessed with during this difficult time is the weather and it has meant that we have been able to spend time gardening and make a start on some projects that we never quite got around to.  One of those is our neglected vegetable patch.  We did plant it last year, however the chickens dug up most of it before the seeds had a chance to take and the only success we did have is with radishes.  Ironic though as we do not actually like them and only planted them as we had the seeds and thought ‘why not?’ as we have family members that we can give them to.

veg planters

So, operation vegetable patch has begun, and the planters have been dug over. We are now making that planter part of our garden larger as we had always planned.

We are also in the process of trying to make the perfect iced latte.  When you can’t go to your local coffee shop the coffee shop has to come to you. 

We are also fortunate to have technology that allows us to keep in touch with our families and no doubt we are all waiting for the day when we can get together again. 

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