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How to style your hallway


The hallway in your home is the first room that people see when they visit.  It sets the tone for the rest of the house and should be welcoming and reflect your personality but depending on the size of your home it may also have to be practical and the place where you keep coats and shoes.


The starting point should be the size of the hallway, are you working with a small, narrow or large hallway as this will give you some idea of how much it can accommodate.  Is it bright and airy or dark?  These two factors will also make a difference.

country styled hallway


Here are a few ideas for the hallway and a starting point.


bright hallway


This will depend on a few factors.  If the hallway is naturally bright then it can accommodate any colour however if it is dull then a paler colour would be more suitable as it will brighten the space.  You may also want to think about the colour scheme in the rest of the home choose paint in keeping with that. 


wallpaper entrance hallway

Patterns can be introduced in a variety of ways.  Wallpaper can be a lovely addition and with so many choices you can pick something with a bright loud pattern or something more subtle.  Busy prints may not work in small dark hallways so a small pattern may be more suitable. 


There are so many different choices when it comes to flooring, from tiles, wood or even carpet.  Give some thought to how practical the flooring needs to be.  If you always take your shoes off by the front door then you can get away with a lighter coloured carpet, but if you have children, pets or are always in wellies then something that can be wiped down would be a better solution. 


Shelving can work in both small and large hallways and add a decorative touch and a place to display your favourite pieces.  It can be particularly useful in small hallways as no floor space is needed.

Storage solutions

Does your hallway need to double up as a boot room or a place to store coats and bags? 

hallway bootroom

There are lots of storage solutions available that are not only practical but look beautiful as well.  A monks bench or a wooden chest or even a shoe cupboard can hide shoes and bags and keep the space tidy.  Coats can be stored on a freestanding stand or a wall mounted coat rack.  A coat rack with shelving above is not only practical but can add a homely look.

hallway bench and shelving


Mirrors add light and can make a small hallway seem bigger.  Choose something that reflects your personality and the style of your home.  A grand ornate mirror can make a statement.


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