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How to add wicker accessories to your home

When we renovated our home, as well as wanting wood to be a feature a must have for me was wicker baskets in the kitchen for vegetables.

I love wicker and it blends it beautifully with wood and can give a real homely cottage feel.  It can lend itself to any room in the house beside the kitchen, from bedrooms to living rooms, the hallway and utility and boot rooms.

Not only is it classic it is also timeless and adds another texture to the home.

Here are some simple ways to add a touch of wicker.


wicker kitchen

Many kitchen suppliers offer pull out wicker drawers and these can be in the main kitchen run or added to a dresser style kitchen unit combination.  Alternatively a trug or wicker basket on display can be used and looks wonderful with a colourful selection of vegetables. 

wicker trug with vegetables

Depending on the dining arrangements in kitchens, there are wicker bar stools for the breakfast bar or if there is a table in the kitchen wicker chairs can be added.

 Living Room

There are a number of ways to add wicker into living spaces.  A cabinet with wicker drawers or a trunk style wicker coffee table or chest. 


Wicker lighting such as a pendant light adds a natural rustic feel to a room.  It can work in any room from multiple pendants over the breakfast bar to a simple pendant light in the home office.

 Planters and Pots

Wicker planters can work in both the home and outside.  They can be used in any room of the house and look particularly nice in the hallway or in the porch or at the front door.  A wicker basket full of lavender outside the front door is a lovely welcoming touch for visitors as it not only looks beautiful but also have a lovely scent. 

 Conservatory furniture

wicker furniture

 Wicker is a great choice for the conservatory as wooden pieces can look heavy in such a sunny room.  Wicker furniture has a natural and lighter feel and works well.  There is a whole host of wicker furniture available for the conservatory, some of it designed with that particular home space in mind.








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