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Getting to know Muddy Mare and #horsemates

Tell us about who yourself

Muddy Mare Clothing

My name is Amy Pridige and I am the founder of Muddy Mare Clothing.  I launched Muddy Mare Clothing which came from my Instagram name @muddymare. My husband and many of my friends not being horse lovers I wanted a platform to be able to put pictures of myself and my beloved horse Queenie. Thus Muddy Mare Clothing was born. The welly boot came to me at some point probably on a drive (when I seem to have my best ideas) and I decided that I wanted that to be my brand where I could design what I wanted to see on the clothing market.

Queenie is the horse I am lucky enough to loan and has been such a help to me through difficult times and I can’t explain that connection to anyone else but if you have ever had that amazing connection with a horse it’s better than magic.

How did you become involved with the RDA?

My dad rides with the local RDA and after having a difficult feed after his illness and my mums I decided I wanted to give something back. What better way than using the hobby I love to help those who use the same hobby as their therapy. 

What influenced your decision to start fundraising for the RDA?

After seeing my dad compete at the local RDA summer show and seeing the amazing impact it had on so many individuals and families I knew I wanted to support them.

How did you come up with the idea for #horsemates and raising money for the RDA?

Initially I was going to design riding socks to make money for the RDA and after many interesting thoughts driving to work I decided to look at T shirts. My husband is a golfer and had started following a man who formed a group of golfers and kept talking about the followers being golf mates rather than subscribers. This group have helped a young lad with learning difficulties become a well known and respected golfer. So it got me thinking and this is where the idea of horsemates came from. It then got me thinking of the lovely people I had met on Instagram who shared my mutual passion for horses and the seed was sewn.

How did you develop the #horsemates range?

Horsemates became a separate collection so that I could design things to suit that audience. Many of my designs for that collection have come from the riders themselves. I obviously had to include pink and glitter for the girls and one of the young male riders at another RDA centre inspired me to come up with the superhero colourways

Where do the raised funds go?

The company donates to all RDA centres no matter how big or small. When people purchase a product they only have to state which group they would like the donation to go to and it is done. 

What your hopes and aims are for the #horsemates range and Muddy Mares Clothing?

I am in the process of launching new products and having discussions with potential ambassadors for my products. I have also been talking to other companies about possible collaborations in the next year or so. Horsemates is on going and will always be a part of my brand. Why shouldn’t we help those who love this hobby as much as we do. We are lucky enough that these amazing and sensitive animals let us ride on their backs. My dream is to eventually have a small amount of money continuously trickling into all the RDA centres. But dreams do come true.

What factors were important to you when starting the business?

After looking into many different products I decided to go with sustainable products. The cost is always slightly more for organic cotton or recycled fabrics but that extra goes a long way. It ensures good working practices, wages ethics throughout production and the products are definitely better quality. Even I was surprised how much better they felt on my skin. 

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