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Getting to know Milly the winner of The HorseQuest Advantage Competition



Milly aka @mra.showjumping on Instagram won our Cheltenham Horseshoe Tray in the HorseQuest Advantage Competition.


horseshoe serving tray


 We caught up with Milly to find out more about her and Max her gorgeous 6 year old Connemara who she has owned for nine months.

 Milly keeps Max at home and rides every day either in the arena or hacking in the miles and miles of woodland she has access to or the surrounding fields.


What do you love about riding?

Pony Club

I love so much about riding but especially the fact that I have made so many new friends through horses from going out to competitions, and having joined pony club from a very young age. I’m still friends with people I met when I was only 5 years old and I love that.


If you had to sum up each of your horses in one word what would it be?

To sum my pony, Max, in one word it would be challenging. In the 9 months I have had him he has taught me so much and has come on heaps, it doesn’t always go perfectly but he is very rewarding when work is put in.

Max is the sweetest horse on the yard, he is always happy to see everyone and will stand there for hours as long as he is getting cuddles and some treats. His personality is absolutely great and its never boring.


Does Max have any party tricks?

He’s learnt a few tricks, but his favourite probably has to be learning how to kiss!


Does Max have any dislikes?

Max pretty much loves everything and he will definitely eat anything, but the one thing he dislikes is going through water. Every time he has to go through a puddle or water out xc, he does the biggest leap ever and although sometimes it catches you off guard it’s so funny!

Milly showjumping


Does Max have any particular friends?

Max is my only pony and his best friend is my old pony Star who is still kept at my yard. They are super cute together and adore each other.

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