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Enhancing Your Home with Flowers

white flowers on milking stool


Who doesn’t love fresh flowers in their home?  Whether that comes in the form of a weekly bouquet or an unexpected surprise, or picked from your own garden.

Flowers are a beautiful sight to behold, and often have a delightful scent, however they are also have the power to affect our mood, improve our health and work performance.


Flowers boost our mood

country flowers and strawberries make you feel happy

Flowers can boost our mood, increase happiness and decrease stress and anxiety, and this has been scientifically proven.

Flowers are present at some of our happiest events like weddings, birthdays, and births, and they can trigger memories of these special events.

Flowers improve our worklife

Flowers have been reported to raise concentration levels and creativity, and increase cognitive performance, as well as decreasing stress.

For people who work from home and want to improve their concentration, or need a creative lift, a bouquet of fresh flowers is an easy way to stimulate both.  To reap the benefits put them on the desk where you work.



Flowers are a quick way to decorate your home, and can add a finishing touch to rooms.

Bright flower arrangements can lift the living space and brighten homes with dark furniture or limited light.

Understated bouquets can make a hectic home feel calmer, or an arrangement of one colour in varying shades can tie together your colour theme.

Fresh flowers could be put into a very simple vase, and this could range from beautiful cut crystal glass, to stoneware, or even an elaborately patterned one.

There are also a plethora of other ways to display flowers, and sometimes it can depend on the type of flowers as to which may look best.  Wild flowers in a jug, teapot, kilner jars, jam jars, the choices are endless, and can add a nice informal arrangement to the room.

More formal arrangements can be put into large vases, or flower arrangements can be pulled together.

Using seasonal flowers allows the look and feel of the home to be changed easily, and result in year round interest.  Think daffodils in the Spring, and poinsettia at Christmas, and beautiful oranges and reds in the Autumn.


Use flowers to welcome guests

Flowers in the hallway are a lovely way to welcome guests into your home and can also add a lovely fragrance.

Fresh flowers are the perfect table setting for a dinner party, special lunch or occasion, and add colour and interest.




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