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Eco friendly ideas for furniture and home accessories

eco friendly furniture horseshoe storage chest

It is often too easy to look at what we have thinking its old or worn and throw it away to replace with something new, however, not only are we adding to the landfill, we are missing the point.  When we re-use, there is a feeling of satisfaction in knowing we have brought that piece of wood or other materials back to life.  It feels good to take something old and create something completely new from it which somehow has more soul.  In the end it’s more meaningful as you have put your time and heart into it.

 Reclaimed wood reused wooden milking stool

 Using reclaimed wood is less wasteful and reclaimed wood has so much character such as the grain, old nail holes and imperfections created by time.  One restored and reused in a piece of furniture in conjunction with say the horseshoes that we use you will have a unique piece which is beautiful and full of character.  You can imagine a history and each piece of furniture or home accessory become a talking point for family and friends and tells a story about you. 

amazing horseshoe wine bottle display stand


Often when furniture looks tired and worn, or even ripped we throw it away and buy new.  Before you send furniture to the landfill have a look to see if can be repaired or even upcycled.  Wood for example can be sanded down to bring it back to its former glory.  Fabric furniture can be reupholstered as often that is all that is needed when there are tears and you can choose material close to the original or give it a whole new look and try new fabrics, tweed or rich velvet.

 Upcycle decorated drawers

There are so many ways to change a piece of furniture or home accessories.  Painting is a very simple method and is effective at hiding a multitude of sins and provide a splash of colour.  Decoupage requires a little more work however can leave you with a very unique piece of furniture.  The list is endless from new handles on a chest of drawers to adding wood to an unusual piece of metal or putting two old items together.

 Secondhand Furniture second hand furniture reused

 Some of the environmentally friendly options do require some work however buying second hand furniture requires none but is still environmentally friendly. There are many places to buy second hand furniture.   Online options such as Facebook and Preloved or you fancy a shopping trip there are plenty of antique stores, vintage shops and even charity shops.  You never know what you will find from day to day and it can provide an enjoyable way to spend a weekend.

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