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At Home With Susan @myedwardianhouse

 This week we are at home with Susan Roe. The country home style loving and extremely creative lady behind the massively popular home instagram account @myedwardianhouse where she shares beautiful images of her wonderful Edwardian era country home in Norfolk. Read on to discover more about the lovely Susan, her home and family and her top home styling tips.


Tell us a bit about you

We live in an Edwardian house in a conservation village in Norfolk. We bought the house 8 years ago and began the renovation of taking it back to its original beauty. We have two grown up daughters and a 4 year old granddaughter all of whom live within 15 minutes of us, so are happily regular visitors. We have 2 dogs and 2 cats and a myriad of wildlife. We retired early a few years ago and are loving the time we can spend in the garden and house it’s a never ending project. 


How would you describe your home?

I think eclectic best describes our style and we love mixing the old with the new with a few twists thrown in! 


Which is your favourite room in the house?

I’m not sure if I have a favourite room as it’s usually which ever one I’m in. We spend a lot of time in the summer months in our kitchen family room as we designed it to open straight on to the terrace which we built raised up to look out over the garden and pool which is lit by numerous fairy and solar lights.

I think if I had to say a favourite room it would be the library as it’s probably evolved the most and is now almost perfect! 


How does your home reflect any passions or interests?

I think our home reflects our love of family and travel and collections of art and books is visible in most rooms.


 When you moved into your house was it the finished article or was it a project?

The house was intact and solid when we bought it but needed some serious love and rewiring replumbed. Nearly every wall needed stripping back and replastered and we built on to the existing kitchen a family dining/sitting room.

We are currently renovating our coach house into a one bedroom house for friends and family to stay in. 


What renovation and DIY have you done?

Mr Edwardian House has always been brilliant at DIY so his skills have been much appreciated here. I have a constantly growing list! 
Have you had any DIY or styling disasters?
We’ve definitely had a few decorating disasters on the way but fortunately they’ve been easily if time consuming able to be rectified.


What is your top home styling tip?

My top styling tip would be to let your home evolve with you and if you love something try it.

It’s your home not a showroom so love what you live with and you’ll be happily pottering and Faffing with it …. I think Faffing is my superpower! 


Is there anything in your home that you couldn’t live without?

I wouldn’t want to be without our Aga or the utility/boot room!


They say that every home tells visitors a story about who lives there. What do you think your home says about you?

If every home tells a story then I think ours would say come in and join the party everyone’s welcome. 


The Home Edit


Lived-in or showhome?

Definitely lived in


If you could only paint your walls one colour, which one would it be?

Pale if I had to!


What is your pet hate when it comes to your own or other’s homes?

I don’t like short curtains or carpets in bathrooms 


Favourite front door colour

Pigeon F&B Or pink if I was allowed!


Carpet or Floorboards



Kitchen table dining or formal dining room?



High gloss or rustic?



Wallpaper or Brick Walls?



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